Story of one burlesque dancer

Lady Mousellyca is a czech burlesque performer. She is a part of a burlesque troupe called Prague Burlesque since 2008. She is very well known and established in the Czech Republic. Countless magazines have written about her and she is a frequent guest in various TV shows. Mousellyca is also the only one czech Nocturnal Agency model (prestigious international alternative model agency based in Sweden). She is trained in classical dance and ballet.


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14/02/15 Burleskowa Scena Otwarta na Walentynki - Warsaw, Poland

15/02/15 Workshop - Warsaw, Poland

28/02/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

14/03/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

19/03/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Nu Spirit, Bratislava, Slovakia

28/03/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

11/04/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

24/04/15 Business party - Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

29/04/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Prague

07/05/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

21/05/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

27/05/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Slovakia

28/05/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Nu Spirit, Bratislava, Slovakia

30/05/15 London Burlesque Festival - London, United Kingdom

04/06/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

18/06/15 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

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The Swan Swing
swan swing

The Swan Swing

The Swan Swing is clearly inspired by Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet. The story is on the other hand quite different. More seducing... The costume is made by Riwaa Nerona. It has two layers as the swan is evolving. The first one is black (a feathered top with a black tutu and a black pointe shoes), the second one vintage pink (a corset with a pink tutu, pasties, a sequined bra and a garter belt). In the end the pink swan spread her wings embodied by Swarovski covered feather fans. Video here.

Geisha of Gion
Geisha og Gion

Geisha of Gion

Geisha of Gion is an act inspired by old time Japan. Geishas were very similar to a mentality of burlesque dancers. They were a living art itself. This Geisha is more dramatic, darker and erotic. The costume made by Riwaa Nerona consists of a Japanese kimono, a corset, a tittilating bra and G-strings. Props can vary - an umbrella or big paper fans.

Video teaser here

The Peacock
the peacock

The Peacock

The classic burlesque strip-o-rama and a fan dance. Slow and very tantalizing... The costume made also by Riwaa Nerona consists of a beautiful corset and a skirt covered by crystals, reminding the peacock's tail. The huge peacock fans cover the almost naked Mousellyca's body during the final dance.

Video teaser here

The Sleepy Bunny
Joshua Insanus

The Sleepy Bunny

This is a story about a sleepy bunny. Warning! It's cuteness can kill! The costume consists of a corset made by Riwaa Nerona, a black lace bodysuit decorated by Mousellyca and a black fur nightgown. This act is very modest, yet provocative.



Salome and her infamous Dance of the seven veils. This act was inspired by Rita Hayworth dance in the movie Salome. The costume is a replica of her costume.

The Vintage Fairy
The Vintage Fairy

The Vintage Fairy

The Vintage Fairy is the act using isis wings as fairy wings and a swing. A lot of fairy dust included!


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Every Friday in Royal NOW!

Strictly Burlesque in Bar and Books - 2 years of frequent shows 2013-2014

10/08/14 Diamant night - Spa Aphrodite - Rajecke Teplice, Slovakia

14/08/14 Prague Burlesque Show - Bar and Books Manesova - Prague

06/09/14 La Femme - Prague

Prague Burlesque show - Nu Spirit - Bratislava, Slovakia 3x

Great Gatsby gala - Brno

Show for Vysehrad boat

Intim Night - TV show

Dobre rano - TV show

Russian New Year's Eve - Grand Hotel Bohemia

Kabaret Burlesk - Brno and Prague

Cafe Siddharta party

Becker and Poliakoff party

Guest of Jan Kraus, for Show Jana Krause (talk show) on TV

Show for Bohemia Interactive

Electro Swing party

Bizarre Carneval in MeetFactory

Interview in Instinkt magazine

Interview in Mlada Fronta DNES

Viva Cabaret! - burlesque performance - Grand Hotel Bohemia

Photosession and interview for Reflex magazine

Burlesque show for FAMUFEST Noir at National Theatre-Nova scena

Burlesque show for VIP Agent Provocateur party - www.agentprovocateur.com

Burlesque performances for Bar and Books - 1 year of frequent shows

Burlesque performances for Burlesque Boat - 1 year of frequent shows

Burlesque performance -Party proti sedi

Burlesque performance for Avon - Fergie/Outspoken perfume

Photosession for FHM - czech version - october 2010

Catalogue for Dracula Clothing - www.draculaclothing.com

Burlesque performance - Obcanska plovarna - private business party 2x

Burlesque performance for Hotel Alcron New Year's Eve Party with Prague Burlesque Show

Music video - Kurtizany z 25.avenue - Ubiquity 5

Music video - Vanessa -Ahoj, chcipni

Music video - Tina - Mam chut na nieco chlazene

Burlesque performance for Vice Magazine

Burlesque performance for Birthday party of hairsalon Hairgods

Burlesque performance in Prdel Club

Gothic Fashion show for Club Prdel - Cary v Prdeli

Burlesque performance for Maxim party

Burlesque performance for Electro attack

Burlesque performance for Avon- Perfume Absinthe party

Burlesque performance in Goldfinger club with Prague Burlesque

Catalogue for Rockabilly shop Black Rod - www.rockabillyshop.cz

Burlesque performer in Prague Burlesque - www.pragueburlesque.com

Face of Nosferatu shop - www.666.cz

Catalogue for latex fashion by Mistress Adrienne - www.mistress-adrienne.com

Catalogue for Nosferatu shop - www.666.cz

Fashion show for Mistress Adrienne and Gothic Habitus - www.gothic-habitus.org,www.mistress-adrienne.com